Blow-In Insulation


Both of dL Insulation Inc.’s owners are specialized in attic blow-in insulation. Between the both of them, thousands of attics and counting in the Saskatoon area have been blown-in to the highest of standards, and have kept the energy costs on the down low.


We know what you need, and with the cold winters that we experience, there is no need to wait anymore! Don’t put it off any longer, contact us today for your free estimate. dL Insulation Inc. recently purchased the fastest blow machine made, capable of doing 3000 square feet per hour (After setup of course!).


A high performing insulation system will minimize heat loss and air leakage throughout the buildings thermal boundary. Reduced heat loss means also less work for your heating system.


The benefits of a properly insulated home include, lowered heating bills, increased comfort and peace of mind. DL Insulation Inc takes great pride in the installation of effective insulation systems.